Establishing an oncology massage therapy service in Eastern Quebec

The Association du cancer de l’Est du Québec works continuously to humanize the services provided to people affected by cancer and to show solidarity with them. In collaboration with the health institutions of Eastern Quebec, the Association created an oncology massage therapy service for the physical and psychological well-being of people undergoing cancer treatments.

Cancer and cancer treatments often cause stress. Massages that are adapted to the sick person’s condition are offered while she/he receives cancer treatments. This allows her/him to physically relax and feel the psychological benefit of this relaxation.

The service received the Prix québécois de cancérologie 2015, in the Supporting People category. The honour was awarded during the 2015 annual meeting of the Direction québécoise de cancérologie, under the theme of Best Practices of the Quebec Oncology Network.

The service is free. It is offered one to two half-days each week by massage therapists who are trained and certified in providing massages for people receiving treatment in oncology. These massage therapists adapt their techniques to the nature and stage of the disease, as well as to any specific contraindications and needs. They provide comfort, company, and calming and beneficial support for those affected by cancer.