Helping to temper the consequences of cancer with psychosocial support

Psychosocial support during cancer: attentive, personal help

Cancer has intruded into your life. It’s an emotional shock and can make you feel disbelief, anger, fear, and stress. These reactions are natural. How can you regain your balance? Our Human Relations Officer provides an attentive response to a multitude of needs, whether you are a cancer patient or a loved one – a family member, friend, or colleague, for example.

Psychosocial support is a professional and confidential service available free of charge at all stages of the disease: during the investigation period, during and after cancer treatments.


Meeting the needs of people dealing with cancer, throughout Eastern Quebec

Depending on your needs and your place of residence, a telephone follow-up or individual, family or group meetings can be offered. Rest assured, our Human Relations Officer works with healthcare professionals to ensure proper supervision and follow-up. She can refer you, according to your needs, to other professionals and community resources.

Psychosocial help for a multitude of situations

While dealing with cancer, you can experience various unexpected and new situations. Our Human Relations Officer can help if you are feeling or experiencing any of the following:

  • fatigue, anxiety, loss of mobility
  • worry before and after a diagnosis
  • a need to put words to your emotions
  • a need to be reassured and respected
  • searching for meaning in suffering and life, questioning your values
  • a need for financial support
  • a need for information on available resources
  • a need for organization – loan of specialized equipment, home support in collaboration with the CLSC, transportation for medical appointments with local volunteer centres, etc.

An entirely confidential service

For psychosocial support or assistance, contact our Human Relations Officer, confidentially and free of charge at:

  • 418 724-0600, extension 2031
  • 1 800 463-0806, extension 2031, toll free